Most of the people don’t know really know the difference between cart abandonment and checkout abandonment flows, and sometimes they believe these flows do the same thing. Well, that’s not the case. Learn below about the two types of automations and set your account on auto-pilot.

What is the checkout abandonment automation?

I’ve started with this flow because it’s commonly offered as a default template by most of the email marketing platforms. Sometimes you will find it labeled as checkout abandonment and sometimes as cart abandonment, which is totally wrong and I will explain you why in a moment.

The checkout abandonment flow is an email marketing automation that is triggered when a customer would enter the checkout and then end the session by closing the browser or leaving the website. It works only if your customer will enter an email address in the dedicated email field on the checkout page. If the customers don’t type their email address into that field, the automation won’t start and you will lose a potential sale.

What can you do to save that sale? you may ask. To prevent this type of abandonment you will need the cart abandonment automation which I will explain below.


What is the cart abandonment automation?

The cart abandonment flow is an integral part of your e-commerce ecosystem. It targets your potential customers (leads) that browse your website, add an item to cart, visit the shopping cart but fail to complete the purchase. If you only had the checkout abandonment, then you would lose a lead that is more qualified than a window shopper (targeted by Browse abandonment flow).

The cart abandonment automation is triggered by a view event on the shopping cart. This type of automation is not offered as a default feature by the email marketing platforms, as in order to trigger it, you would need to add some custom code. Most of the time, businesses are confusing the two types of automations or are totally neglecting the cart abandonment.


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