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Gain Actionable Insights About Your Business

  • Do you know which pages on your site bring you most of the revenue and which cost you money?
  • Do you trust your web analytics set up?
  • Are you confident that the analytics reports reflect your business KPIs?

Most of the time, tracking is underestimated. Not only the business owners disregard the web analytics, but they don’t really understand the use of such reports. We take over your web analytics data to ensure that it’s both accurate and tailored to fit your needs. The web analytics reports represent the foundation for a healthy CRO process. The optimization efforts don’t stand a chance if you can’t gain insights from your reports.

  • Web Analytics Audit – We make sure your reporting is accurate and useful for your business
  • Web Analytics Setup – Our experts will set up, correct and/or improve your web analytics installation

YodaMetrics works with Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, ClickTale

We work with two different types of tools. In the first category we have the classic tools the rely mostly on reporting visitors flow – Google Analytics, KISSmetrics. On the other hand we have the complementary tools that give us powerful insights about visitors behavior through an entire suite of reports like heatmaps, scrollmaps or session recordings. Regardless of which web analytics tool you use, our consultants will examine the data and the set up to bring you business insights that can help improve your conversion rate.

Web Analytics Services

Our web analytics experts have in-depth, advanced understanding of how to set up and customize your web analytics account.

    • Web Analytics Audit
      • Our consultants will identify basic problems and issues with your installation or data collection
      • Then we make sure the data you are collecting is accurate and useful

      Web Analytics inaccurate implementations lead useless insights and wrong conclusions. The Web Analytics Audit will ensure the quality of your installation and reporting. Our main priority is to receive actionable business insights from your data, because this will help with future marketing efforts.

    • Web Analytics Setup We offer a wide range of web analytics services which can be divided in two categories:

A. Basic setup

      • Create a web analytics account
      • Install tracking code
      • Setup the analytics account – enabling basic features, reporting settings, profiles/views
      • Migrate from Classic Google Analytics to Universal Analytics

B. Custom setup

    • Create filters for segmenting your traffic
    • Setup Goal and Funnels – to measure the conversion rate for different objectives
    • Setup ecommerce tracking – to obtain advanced reports for your e-store
    • Setup Enhanced Ecommerce (a new feature of Universal Analytics)
    • Set up Event tracking to measure the number of hits for a variety of elements (e.g. to measure the hits for ‘Play’ button in a video)
    • Create custom dashboards, custom reports, custom dimensions
    • Create advanced segments to apply for reporting
    • Create custom alerts to notify you about different metrics

Besides the services listed above, we are constantly improving our knowledge to offer more advanced or newer web analytics setups. Contact us today for a free quote.

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